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is a group of researchers who study, analyze, build, and evaluate security and privacy aspects of complex networked systems (e.g. social web systems like Twitter, Facebook, and telephone call details). By understanding and characterizing user perceptions of security and privacy, we are interested in building secure usable technologies. Our work derives techniques from Computer Science, Information Technology, Data Mining, Text Mining, Statistics, Social Science, Public Policy, Human Computer Interaction, and Psychology. Below is a tag cloud of the words that we dabble with.

What's New!

Apr, 2014: A successful Building Better Interfaces 2014!

Apr, 2014: Neha Gupta successfully defended Masters Thesis today.

Apr, 2014: PK's new blog entry "Mi primera experiencia: IIITD part of the First meeting of the Joint Committee on Science and Technology Peru-India".

Apr, 2014: Neha Gupta's M.Tech. Thesis Defense. Exploration of gaps in Bitly's spam detection and relevant countermeasures. 1100 - 1230hrs IST. April 24, 2014.

Apr, 2014: PK's new blog entry, Student start-up culture brewing at IIITD! Elated to be involved in some.

Mar, 2014: Ari Klein from CrowdFlower blogs about Aditi's work, "When Should You Trust a Tweet?"

Mar, 2014: As part of the ACM Eminent Speakers program, PK gave a talk on Privacy and Security in Online Social media at Thapar University.

Mar, 2014: Sudip presented the paper "Pinned it! A large scale study of the Pinterest network" at ACM CoDS 2014. Image | Image

Feb, 2014: Our paper "A Three-Way Investigation of a Game-CAPTCHA: Automated Attacks, Relay Attacks and Usability" gets accepted at ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS), 2014. Acceptance rate: 20%. Mohamed, M., Niharika, Georgescu, M., Gao, S., Saxena, N., Zhang, C., PK, Van Oorschot, P., and Chen, W.

Jan, 2014: Our research work on 'Analyzing fake images on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy' gets covered in the Wired Magazine.

Jan, 2014: Cybersecurity Education and Research Centre (CERC) inauguration pictures.

Jan, 2014: Anupama and Prateek receive NIXI Fellowship 2014.

Dec, 2013: Our paper "Pinned it! A large scale study of the Pinterest network" accepted at ACM CoDS (IKDD Conference on Data Science). Acceptance rate: 15%. Authors: Sudip, Neha, Prateek, and PK.

Dec, 2013: SocialCaller App made public now. Please use & help spread the word!

Dec, 2013: New blog entries: I have been Precog-ed! by Megha. Aim in life is to find the “meaning and change the world” by PK.

Dec, 2013: Neha Gupta & Anupama Aggarwal write a blog entry bitly could do better!

Nov, 2013: Prateek Dewan will be interning at Symantec Research Labs India starting 2 Dec 2013. Congrats Prateek!

Nov, 2013: Students, TAs, evaluators, and PK from the course, Privacy and Security in Online Social Media, #cse648. #PSOSMStudentsRock.

Nov, 2013: Srishti successfully defended her Masters Thesis "OCEAN: Open-source Collation of eGovernment data And Networks - Understanding Privacy Leaks in Open Government Data". Picture from the defense.

Nov, 2013: Our paper "On the Viability of CAPTCHAs for Use in Telephony Systems: A Usability Field Study" accepted & presented at 16th Information Security Conference 2013. Acceptance rate: 23%. Authors: Niharika, Prof. Nitesh Saxena (UAB), and PK. Slides.

Nov, 2013: Anupama's #DelhiElections work covered on Economic Times, Page 4 on Nov 15. "Twitter Politicians Who Don't Tweet".

Nov, 2013: Prachi successfully defended her Masters Thesis "Call Me MayBe: Understanding Nature and Risks of Sharing Mobile Numbers on Online Social Networks". Picture.

Nov, 2013: Our work on Safe Safari appeared on Associated Press on Nov 11th "India: Apps and GPS Trackers Help Women Stay Safe in New Delhi", and related interview. Team: Paridhi, Megha, and Neha.

Nov, 2013: Our work on #DelhiElections covered on Page 3 of Economic Times today, Nov 11, 2013. Graphic. Link to online article.

Nov, 2013: Many Precogs were recognized for their achievements / contributions during the 5th year celebration of IIITD: Aditi, Paridhi, Niharika, Anupama, Neha, Megha, Kanika (Aumni), Hemank (Alumni), PK.

Nov, 2013: Story of Patna Blasts, Bihar, 2013. 39747 tweets, 14820 Facebook posts, 1126 Flickr images, 614 G+ posts, 173 YouTube videos.

Oct, 2013: IIITD's 5year celebration video features Precogs (Aditi, Paridhi, Niharika, Anupama, and Prateek), Precog's systems, and the Lab!

Oct, 2013: Our quick hack on Tweets with BBMs that are publicly available. Related blog entry: "Did you tweet your BBM PIN? We know about it".

Oct, 2013: Our #BostonMarathon covered on The Daily Dot, "Almost everything you read on Twitter about the Boston bombing was a lie".

Oct, 2013: Our work on #DelhiElections covered on Front page of DNA today, Oct 24 2013 "Which neta tweets the most? No, it's not Narendra Modi". Link to online article.

Oct, 2013: Patrick from iRevolution (has more than 1million hits) writes a blog entry "Analyzing Fake Content on Twitter During Boston Marathon Bombings" on our recent eCRS 2013 paper. Slides.

Oct, 2013: Srishti Gupta writes a blog entry "Moments for life! My first International trip to USA".