is a group of researchers who study, analyze, and build different aspects of social systems (e.g. social web systems like Twitter, Facebook), including their security and privacy. By understanding and measuring complex networks, we try and build solutions for social good. Our work primarily derives from Data Science, Computational Social Science, Social Computing, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

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Doing research, building solutions, making a difference in Society

February 2019: Paper "KidsGuard: A fine-Grained approach for child UnsAfe video Representation and Detection” Accepted at 34th ACM/SIGAPP Symposium On Applied Computing. Paper | Dataset | Code

February 2019: Received Best Student Poster award at The Thirty-Third AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Hawaii / USA. "Mind Your Language: Abuse and Offence Detection for Code-Switched Languages”. Award | Poster | Code

January 2019: PK’s academic tour to Goa. BITS Pilani | GIT | NIT Goa. Tour Flier

January 2019: Vasundhara Ghosh, #Classof2018 blogs about her experience with us: "A Epistle open letter to Precog, PK & RK".

January 2019: Precog celebrates its 8th Birthday. Pics

December 2018: Shrey Bagroy, #Classof2018 blogs about his experience with us: "Life on the 4th Floor".

December 2018: We are looking for interns for summer 2019, full time Research Associates, B.Tech. & M.Tech. thesis students, 1st & 2nd year students to join us. Apply here.

December 2018: Vasundhara Ghosh M.Tech. #Classof2018 IGDTUW received Vice Chancellor Gold Medal award at the convocation. Pics

November 2018: Our work on Selfie deaths / KillFies gets featured on Netflix's Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj show on Nov 25th. 19:20 mins On Netflix | 18:38 mins On YouTube

November 2018: Kushagra Singh, #Classof2018 blogs about his experience with us: "class undergradAtPrecog(IIITD):".

November 2018: 100+ visitors (including faculty & students) attended the poster session for the course Privacy and Security in Online Social Media. Pics

Has the battle for #GeneralElections2019 shifted online? Tune in, as we attempt to analyse social media data for the upcoming Elections. Blog

November 2018: Viraj Parimi, #ClassOf2019 blogs about his experience at CMU as part of Robotics Institute Summer Scholar(RISS): "A Summer to Remember".

November 2018: PK was in conversation with current students and Alums about Graduate School Admissions. Video

October 2018: PK was the Chief Guest at the inauguration of VNR VJIET's ACM Chapter. Pics

October 2018: Saksham Suri, #ClassOf2019 blogs about his experience at USC (Viterbi): "An Unforgettable Experience: Summer at USC".

October 2018: Our Saftie Camera in News! PTI, Zee News, Tribune

October 2018: Our Saftie Camera is live now!

October 2018: Kushagra Bhargava, #PrecogAlum blogs about his experience with us: "A life that most Indian students couldn’t even imagine!".

October 2018: Total views of #PSOSMonNPTEL and #HCIonNPTEL courses together cross 100,000! Course Content

October 2018: PK visited IIT Tirupati: Interacted with CS Faculty and gave a talk, interacted with students aspiring for graduate school. Pics

October 2018: PK visited IIIT Bangalore: Interacted with students, gave a talk at MS Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) and interacted with faculty. Pics

October 2018: PK delivered TEDx talk "A SaFar in the World of Selfies, Forwards, RTs, Likes, and Beyond" at Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology. Pics | Slides

October 2018: Vedant Nanda, B.Tech. #ClassOf2019 blogs about his experience at MPI-SWS in Saarbrücken, Germany: "Internship at MPI-SWS and a summer to cherish".

October 2018: Yashovardhan Sharma, #PrecogAlum, receives the Commonwealth Scholarship to study Ph.D. in the Department of Computer Science at University of Oxford.

October 2018: PK was in conversation with Prof. Dena Haritos Tsamitis, Professor CMU about Graduate School Admissions on 2nd October. Part 1 | Part 2

September 2018: Kushagra Bhargava, #PrecogAlum, is selected as a 2018 Youth@IGF Fellow to attend the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in UNESCO Headquarters Paris, Nov 2018.

September 2018: Kaustubh Welankar, B.Tech. #ClassOf2020 blogs about his experience with us: "A Summer at Precog".

September 2018: Divyansh, who is joining CMU for his Masters, blogs his experience with us: "A tryst with Precog: My journey of 2 years, an adventure of a lifetime".

September 2018: PK visited IIT Gandhinagar: Interacted with faculty, students, delivered a technical talk and another on graduate school admissions. Pics | Video

September 2018: Registrations are now open for "2nd Winter School on User Experience Design" at IIIT Hyderabad, co-organized by Precog! Click here to register.

August 2018: Daksh Shah, B.Tech. #ClassOf2021 blogs about his experience with VideoLAN @GSoC: "My GSoC experience with VLC (macOS Interface Redesign)".

August 2018: Our Election 2014 Twitter Dataset is now public

August 2018: PK was in conversation with Prof. Narendra Ahuja, Professor UIUC about "How to do impactful research?". Video

August 2018: PK expressed his opinions about #FakeNews which got covered in Business Standard Hindi Edition

August 2018: PK visited IIIT Sri City, evaluated the 1st MS thesis of IIIT Sri City. Pics

August 2018: PK was in conversation with Prof. Ben Y. Zhao, Professor University of Chicago about Graduate School Admissions. Part 1 | Part 2 | Full audio transcript

August 2018: Our work on #WhatsApp #FakeNews got covered in The Times of India, The Economic Times, India Today, Outlook India.