is a group of researchers who study, analyze, and build different aspects of social systems (e.g. social web systems like Twitter, Facebook), including their security and privacy. By understanding and measuring complex networks, we try and build solutions for social good. Our work primarily derives from Data Science, Computational Social Science, Social Computing,
Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing.

What's New!

February 2018: Indian Express Page 6 today publishes our work on #BlueWhale "Project to flag Blue Whale victims". Access the full report from here.

January 2018: PK was speaking LIVE about our work on Selfie Deaths on Roundhouse Radio 98.3 (a radio channel based in Canada) at 2245hrs IST on Januray 30, 2017! Listen to the conversation here.

January 2018: Dhruv Kuchhal, B.Tech. #Classof2018 from MAIT, Delhi blogs about his experience with us: “PreCog : The Google of Research Groups". Dhruv interned with us in summer 2017 and is continuing to work with us!

January 2018: PK inaugurated the Cybersecurity Research Group, SherLocked at Department of Computer Science Bennett University, and delivered the ACM Distinguished talk.

January 2018: Goel, M., Agrawal, A., Garcia, D. and Kumaraguru, P. Collective Aspects of Privacy in the Twitter Social Network. Accepted at The European Physical Journal Data Science 2018. Author's version.

January 2018: Our recent technical report, on the Blue Whale Challenge, in order to analyze its effect on social networks like VK, Twitter and Instagram to spot the behavior of users and study their demographics."White or Blue, the Whale gets its Vengeance: A Social Media Analysis of the Blue Whale Challenge". You can request for the dataset from here.

December 2017: Gupta, S., Khattar, A., Gogia, A., Kumaraguru, P. and Chakraborty, T. Collective Classification of Spam Campaigners on Twitter: A Hierarchical Meta-Path Based Approach. Accepted at The Web Conf 2018 (Formerly WWW Conference).

November 2017: Indira Sen successfully defended her Masters thesis "InstaFake: Detecting Fake Engagement on Instagram". Slides | Video

November 2017: Aggarwal, A., Kumar, S., Bhargava, K., and Kumaraguru, P. The Follower Count Fallacy: Detecting Twitter Users with Manipulated Follower Count. Accepted at 33rd ACM / SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing. Author's version.

November 2017: Mr. Prateek Dewan --> Dr. Prateek Dewan. Thesis | Slides | Video

November 2017: We are looking for full time Ph.D. students, full time Research Associates, and interns for summer 2018 to join us. Apply here.

October 2017: PK will be speaking LIVE about our work on Selfie Deaths on Doordharshan TV Channel (DD National) at 1700hrs IST on Oct 30, 2017!

October 2017: Kartik Sethi, B.Tech. #Classof2018 from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, blogs about his experience with us: Precog: A to Z.

October 2017: Saravana Kumar, B.Tech. #Classof2017 from College of Engineering, Guindy, blogs about his experience with us: Precog 101. Saravana was one of the star interns from Summer 2016 and has started Masters in Computer Science at The Ohio State University, this fall 2017.

October 2017: PK will be conducting a session on Graduate School Admissions at IIIT Bangalore on Oct 24, 2017. Facebook Event.

October 2017: Zoha Hamid, 3rd semester B.Tech., receives the LearnIT Girl! scholarship. This scholarship helps women around the globe to be mentored by successful technocrats to develop cool projects.

October 2017: Divyansh Agarwal, Research Associate, is selected as one of 2017 Youth@IGF Fellow to attend the Internet Governance Forum to be held in Geneva in Dec 2017.

October 2017: PK will be conducting a Facebook LIVE session on Graduate School Admissions on Oct 14, 2017. Interested stakeholders may join here.

October 2017: PK will be offering "Introduction to Human Computer Interaction" on NPTEL. This course will be offered from Jan - April 2018.

October 2017: PK's new blog "This is Why I Love My Job #2" capturing the fantastic achievements by our students graduating this year and moving on to next phase in their life! #BestLuckToThem

October 2017: Srishti presented her Ph.D. thesis work at the Computer Science Doctoral Symposium, organized by NIIT University. 17 Ph.D. students from all around the country attended the Symposium, including 4 from #IIITD.

October 2017: Dhruv #Classof2018 at Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology presented his Summer 2017 internship work with us to 150+ 3rd and 5th semester students. Dhruv's work was selected as one of the best Summer 2017 work by his college authorities.

September 2017: PK will be co-organizing a Winter School on User Experience Design.

September 2017: Vivek Gupta, B.Tech. #Classof2019 from IIT Kharagpur, blogs about his experience with us: Precog: The Quintessential Group

September 2017: PK is organizing a Session on Graduate School Application / Admissions on Sept 23, 2017, at IIITD. Interested people (student, professional) should register here for attending the session.

August 2017: Singh, S., Nanda, V., Sen, R., Sengupta, S., Kumaraguru, P., and Gummadi, K. Leveraging Facebook’s Free Basics Engine for Web Service Deployment in Developing Regions (ICTD) 2017, November 16–19, 2017, Lahore, Pakistan. Author's version | Slides.

August 2017: Bhavna Nagpal, B.Tech. Class of 2017 and currently pursing Masters in Design from IIT Guwahati, blogs her experience with us: Pages from a chapter called Precog

August 2017: Prateek Dewan, Ph.D. student becomes one of the 15 researchers from Asia-Pacific region who got selected for NextGen@ICANN60. They will be funded to attend to the ICANN60 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

August 2017: Arpit Gogia, Graduating class of 2018, B.Tech. from DTU, blogs about his experience with us: The Anatomy of a Precog Internship!

July 2017: Goel, S., Ahuja, S., Subramanyam, A., Kumaraguru, P. #VisualHashtags: Visual Summarization of Social Media Events Using Mid-Level Visual Elements. Accepted at 25th ACM Conference on MultiMedia 2017. Author's version | Slides

July 2017: Call for Ph.D. and Research Associate applications . Apply

July 2017: Ms. Niharika Sachdeva --> Dr. Niharika Sachdeva. Thesis | Slides

July 2017: Dipjyoti Bisharad, Graduating class of 2018, B.Tech. from NIT Silchar, blogs about his experience with us: "A stay of 2 months: An experience of lifetime"

July 2017: Kaushal, R., Chandok, S., Jain, P., Dewan, P., Gupta, N., Kumaraguru, P. Nudging Nemo: Helping Users Control Linkability across Social Networks. Accepted at 9th International Conference on Social Informatics, 2017. Paper

July 2017: Mallika Agarwal blogs her experience with us! "On Precog, PK (and everything else that fits between the two entities)"

July 2017: Mayank Vachher blogs about his experience with Precog: "Standing on the shoulders of giants"

July 2017: Srishti Chandok successfully defended her Masters thesis "User Identities Across Social Networks: Quantifying Linkability and Nudging Users to control Linkability. Thesis

July 2017: Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon'ble Union Minister of Road Transport & Highways and Shipping makes reference to our research on Selfie Deaths / KillFies! Video

June 2017: Mark dangerous locations in the world using our Saftie & Chat Bot to reduce selfie deaths.

June 2017: PK’s FAQs - Preparing, Applying and Deciding on Graduate Schools.

May 2017: PK is offering the Privacy and Security in Online Social Media (PSOSM) course on NPTEL. Registration started | Teaser Video | Flier.

May 2017: Sonu Gupta successfully defended her M.Tech. thesis at JIIT, advised by Prof. Shelly Sachdeva. Sonu collaborated heavily with Prateek Dewan on this thesis work.

May 2017: Mayank Verma successfully defended his M.Tech. thesis at JIIT. Thesis was co-advised by Anuradha Gupta, faculty at JIIT and PK.

May 2017: Our work on Selfie deaths got captured in an article on Factory Daily, "What makes India the selfie death capital of the world?". PK’s interview on the topic.

Apr, 2017: Precogs won the Honarable Mention at the ICADABAI Hackathon 2017, part of 5th IIMA International Conference on Advanced Data Analysis, Business Analytics, and Intelligence at IIM Ahmedabad held on April 08 - 09, 2017. Team members: Neha, Saravana, Kushagra, Divyansh, Nalin, Sahar.

Apr, 2017: Our paper titled "On the Security and Usability of Dynamic Cognitive Game CAPTCHAs" gets accepted at the Journal on Computer Security (JCS). Authors: Manar Mohamed, Song Gao, Niharika Sachdeva, Nitesh Saxena, Chengcui Zhang, PK, and Paul van Oorschot.

Apr, 2017: Our paper titled "Facebook Inspector (FbI): Towards Automatic Real Time Detection of Malicious Content on Facebook" gets accepted at the Journal of Social Network Analysis and Mining (SNAM). Authors: Prateek and PK.

Apr, 2017: Registrations are now open for "Summer School on Privacy and Security on Online Social Networks" at IIIT Hyderabad, co-organized by Precog! Click here to register.

Feb, 2017: Our full paper submission "From Camera to Deathbed: Understanding Dangerous Selfies on Social Media" got accepted as Poster at The 11th Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM) 2017! Authors: Hemank Lamba, Varun Bharadhwaj, Mayank Vachher, Divyansh Agarwal, Megha Arora, Niharika Sachdeva and PK.

Feb, 2017: We are organizing a Summer school on Privacy and Security in Online Social Networks in collaboration with IIIT-Hyderabad during July, 2017.

Jan, 2017: Our paper "A Social Media Based Index of Mental Well-Being in College Campuses" accepted at ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. Authors: Shrey, PK, Munmun.

Jan, 2017: Niharika is now on the Program Committee of The Eleventh International Conference on Digital Society and eGovernments ICDS 2017. Congrats Niharika!

Jan, 2017: Indira and Kushagra Singh won the Second Prize in Tool contest at International Conference on Natural Language Processing (ICON), 2016. They built a POS tagger for code mixed data for three language pairs (Hindi-English, Bengali-English and Telegu-English) from Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp. There were 15 entries for the contest.