Apr, 2014: TweetCred, our real-time system to assess credibility of content on Twitter goes live! Covered in media, Daily Dot, Washington Post, Doha News, KNTV, New Yorker. Please use and participate.

Apr, 2014: A successful Building Better Interfaces 2014!

Apr, 2014: Neha Gupta successfully defended Masters Thesis today.

Apr, 2014: PK's new blog entry "Mi primera experiencia: IIITD part of the First meeting of the Joint Committee on Science and Technology Peru-India".

Apr, 2014: Neha Gupta's M.Tech. Thesis Defense. Exploration of gaps in Bitly's spam detection and relevant countermeasures. 1100 - 1230hrs IST. April 24, 2014.

Apr, 2014: PK's new blog entry, Student start-up culture brewing at IIITD! Elated to be involved in some.

Mar, 2014: Ari Klein from CrowdFlower blogs about Aditi's work, "When Should You Trust a Tweet?"

Mar, 2014: As part of the ACM Eminent Speakers program, PK gave a talk on Privacy and Security in Online Social media at Thapar University.

Mar, 2014: Sudip presented the paper "Pinned it! A large scale study of the Pinterest network" at ACM CoDS 2014. Image | Image

Feb, 2014: Our paper "A Three-Way Investigation of a Game-CAPTCHA: Automated Attacks, Relay Attacks and Usability" gets accepted at ACM Symposium on Information, Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS), 2014. Acceptance rate: 20%. Authors: Mohamed, M., Niharika, Georgescu, M., Gao, S., Saxena, N., Zhang, C., PK, Van Oorschot, P., and Chen, W.

Jan, 2014: Our research work on 'Analyzing fake images on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy' gets covered in the Wired Magazine.

Jan, 2014: Cybersecurity Education and Research Centre (CERC) inauguration pictures.

Jan, 2014: Anupama and Prateek receive NIXI Fellowship 2014.

Dec, 2013: Our paper "Pinned it! A large scale study of the Pinterest network" accepted at ACM CoDS (IKDD Conference on Data Science). Acceptance rate: 15%. Authors: Sudip, Neha, Prateek, and PK.

Dec, 2013: SocialCaller App made public now. Plea se use & help spread the word!

Dec, 2013: New blog entries: I have been Precog-ed! by Megha. Aim in life is to find the “meaning and change the world” by PK.

Dec, 2013: Neha Gupta & Anupama Aggarwal write a blog entry bitly could do better!

Nov, 2013: Prateek Dewan will be interning at Symantec Research Labs India starting 2 Dec 2013. Congrats Prateek!

Nov, 2013: Students, TAs, evaluators, and PK from the course, Privacy and Security in Online Social Media, #cse648. #PSOSMStudentsRock.

Nov, 2013: Srishti successfully defended her Masters Thesis "OCEAN: Open-source Collation of eGovernment data And Networks - Understanding Privacy Leaks in Open Government Data". Picture from the defense.

Nov, 2013: Our paper "On the Viability of CAPTCHAs for Use in Telephony Systems: A Usability Field Study" accepted & presented at 16th Information Security Conference 2013. Acceptance rate: 23%. Authors: Niharika, Prof. Nitesh Saxena (UAB), and PK. Slides.

Nov, 2013: Anupama's #DelhiElections work covered on Economic Times, Page 4 on Nov 15. "Twitter Politicians Who Don't Tweet".

Nov, 2013: Prachi successfully defended her Masters Thesis "Call Me MayBe: Understanding Nature and Risks of Sharing Mobile Numbers on Online Social Networks". Picture.

Nov, 2013: Our work on Safe Safari appeared on Associated Press on Nov 11th "India: Apps and GPS Trackers Help Women Stay Safe in New Delhi", and related interview. Team: Paridhi, Megha, and Neha.

Nov, 2013: Our work on #DelhiElections covered on Page 3 of Economic Times today, Nov 11, 2013. Graphic. Link to online article.

Nov, 2013: Many Precogs were recognized for their achievements / contributions during the 5th year celebration of IIITD: Aditi, Paridhi, Niharika, Anupama, Neha, Megha, Kanika (Aumni), Hemank (Alumni), PK.

Nov, 2013: Story of Patna Blasts, Bihar, 2013. 39747 tweets, 14820 Facebook posts, 1126 Flickr images, 614 G+ posts, 173 YouTube videos.

Oct, 2013: IIITD's 5year celebration video features Precogs (Aditi, Paridhi, Niharika, Anupama, and Prateek), Precog's systems, and the Lab!

Oct, 2013: Our quick hack on Tweets with BBMs that are publicly available. Related blog entry: "Did you tweet your BBM PIN? We know about it".

Oct, 2013: Our #BostonMarathon covered on The Daily Dot, "Almost everything you read on Twitter about the Boston bombing was a lie".

Oct, 2013: Our work on #DelhiElections covered on Front page of DNA today, Oct 24 2013 "Which neta tweets the most? No, it's not Narendra Modi". Link to online article.

Oct, 2013: Patrick from iRevolution (has more than 1million hits) writes a blog entry "Analyzing Fake Content on Twitter During Boston Marathon Bombings" on our recent eCRS 2013 paper. Slides.

Oct, 2013: Srishti Gupta writes a blog entry "Moments for life! My first International trip to USA".

Sep, 2013: Our work "Call Me MayBe: Understanding Nature and Risks of Sharing Mobile Numbers on Online Social Networks" captured in Abstract Talk. Paper will be presented at COSN next week. Authors: Prachi, Paridhi, and PK.

Sep, 2013: Story of #UPRiots at #Muzaffarnagar : 93124 tweets, 27791 FB posts, 1149 G+ posts, 1061 YT videos & 643 Flickr photos.

Sep, 2013: Our paper "MultiOSN: Realtime Monitoring of Real World Events on Multiple Online Social Media" accepted at I-CARE 2013. Acceptance rate: 26%. Authors: Prateek, Mayank, Kanika, and PK.

Sep, 2013: Our work on Boston Blasts featured in FastCompany!

Sep, 2013: Wizters selected as one of the "Top150 Startup" in the Pioneers Challenge.

Sep, 2013: PK has been selected as ACM India Eminent Speaker.

Sep, 2013: We are looking for some "cool" and "smart" developers / researchers to work with. Visit Precog Openings for more details.

Sep, 2013: Raghav Gupta, a Sophomore from Carnegie Mellon University pens his summer experience with us.

Sep, 2013: Dr. Sharique Hasan, faculty at Stanford University, will be conducting a tutorial on Social Network Analysis.

August, 2013: Our Alums Hemank Lamba, and Kanika Narang currently work at IBM Research Labs, India will give guest lectures in CSE648 today.

August, 2013: Our Brainstorm schedule for this coming semester is online now!

August, 2013: Soumya (our UG student) is presenting the paper "The Paper Slip Should be There: Perceptions of Transaction Receipts in Branchless Banking" at MobileHCI 2013.

August, 2013: Mayank Pundir received Chancellor’s Gold Medal at the Second convocation of IIIT-Delhi!

August, 2013: Raghav Sethi received All Round Performance Medal at the Second convocation of IIIT-Delhi!

August, 2013: Aditi Gupta received eCRS partial support to attend eCRS 2013 and present her paper! #ThanksAPWG

August, 2013: Prachi Jain received partial support from ACM COSN 2013. Travel Grants to attend and present her paper! #ThanksCOSN

August, 2013: Mayank, Raghav, and Vani graduated from IIIT-Delhi.

August, 2013: IIITD's Director elaborates about Precog's work in his report of the institute at IIITD's 2nd convocation. Please see page 7, first column, last bullet point in the brochure.

August, 2013: Our research work Open source Collation of eGovernment data and Networks (OCEAN) on IIITD's home page. Team: Srishti Gupta and Mayank Gupta.

August, 2013: Precog family - Aug 2013.

August, 2013: Our paper "$1.00 per RT #BostonMarathon #PrayForBoston: Analyzing Fake Content on Twitter" accepted at eCRS 2013. Authors: Aditi Gupta, Hemank Lamba (our Alum, now at IBM-IRL), and PK.

August, 2013: Our paper "Call Me MayBe: Understanding Nature and Risks of Sharing Mobile Numbers on Online Social Networks" gets accepted at COSN 2013. Authors: Prachi Jain, Paridhi Jain, and PK. 15.9% acceptance rate.

August, 2013: David Choffnes, Alan Mislove, Christo Wilson from North Eastern University visiting us today!

August, 2013: Wombat has been selected as a finalist for startup of the year for the Pittsburgh Technology Council's Tech 50 awards!

August, 2013: RSA and Wombat Security Collaborate to Help Organizations Educate Users about Threats to Enterprise Security.

August, 2013: Megha, Neha, and Paridhi, winners of FICCI's Strengthening the Policing Contest 2013 featured on IIITD's home page.

July, 2013: Blog entry by Sudip, Neha, and Prateek on their latest work, The Ping-Bang Theory: Discovering the Pinterest world.

July, 2013: Megha Arora, Neha Gupta, and Paridhi Jain were the winning team at the Strengthening the Policing Contest 2013 – Ensuring Women Safety in India conducted by FICCI. Project proposal name was "PreCog"!

July, 2013: Dr. Payas Gupta from NYU-AD visiting us for a week.

July, 2013: Craig Silverman from Poynter blogs "New research suggests it's possible to automatically identify fake images on Twitter" about Aditi's recent paper.

July, 2013: Patrick from iRevolution writes a blog entry "Automatically Identifying Fake Images Shared on Twitter During Disasters" on our recent PSOSM 2013 paper. Slides.

July, 2013: Our paper "Network Flows and the Link Prediction Problem" gets accepted at SNAKDD 2013. Authors: Kristina Lerman (Faculty at University of Southern California), Kanika Narang (our Alum, now at IBM-IRL) and PK.

July, 2013: Paridhi pens down her experience at WWW, 2013, Rio in a blog entry.

July, 2013: Our work on MultiOSN http://precog.iiitd.edu.in/tools/beta/multiosnportal/ was covered on Hindustan Times, page 15, June 30, 2013!

June, 2013: Sumit Arora to Works Applications - Singapore, Rushil Khurana to Georgia Tech, Piyush Maheshwari to Cornell University, Mayank Pundir to UIUC, Raghav Sethi to Princeton University, Vani Sivasankar to Adobe India.

June, 2013: Raghav Gupta, an undergraduate student from Carnegie Mellon University joined as intern for 2 months.

June, 2013: Srishti Gupta visiting University of Buffalo, USA for 2 months.

June, 2013: Say goodbye to Confession pages!!! Join Wizters. Be anonymous. Read the blog.

June, 2013: Prachi Jain visiting Bell Labs Ireland for 2 months.

June, 2013: Prateek's blog entry "Go home Google Groups, you’re drunk!!!".

June, 2013: Our work on ChaMAILeon gets featured in a French article on Atelier.

May, 2013: Our work on analyzing multiple online social networks is on Times of India. Contributors: Prateek Dewan, Mayank Gupta, Kanika Goyal, and PK.

May, 2013: PK was interviewed by the Economist Intelligence Unit on "Privacy in India." The report "Privacy uncovered; Can private life exist in the digital age?" is now available. The Wall Street Journal article on the report.

May, 2013: Paridhi's paper "@I seek 'fb.me': Identifying Users across Multiple Online Social Networks" won the Honorable Mention for the best paper award at #WoLE2013 #WWW2013 Authors: Paridhi, Prof. Anupam Joshi, and PK.

May, 2013: Blog entry by Prateek on MultiOSN.

May, 2013: MultiOSN: Monitoring multiple online social networks during real-world events; now live at http://precog.iiitd.edu.in/tools/beta/multiosnportal/. Technical report. Authors: Prateek, Mayank, Kanika, and PK.

May, 2013: Slides from our talks / demo at WWW 2013. (1) Faking Sandy: Characterizing and Identifying Fake Images on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy, (2) @I seek 'fb.me': Identifying Users across Multiple Online Social Networks, (3) Detection of Spam Tipping Behaviour on Foursquare, (4) uTrack: Track Yourself! Monitoring Information on Online Social Media.

May, 2013: Wombat Security named as "2013 Hot Company" award winner by Network Products Guide.

May, 2013: Our paper "Faking Sandy: Characterizing and Identifying Fake Images on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy" won the Best Paper Award at #psosm2013. Authors: Aditi, Hemank, PK, and Prof. Anupam Joshi.

May, 2013: Paridhi Jain successfully defends her Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam (report).

May, 2013: Rajarshi Chakraborty, Ph.D. candidate from University of Buffalo is currently visiting for 2 weeks! Thanks to National Science Foundation, USA for supporting this collaboration.

May, 2013: Dr. Satyam Mukherjee from Kellogg School of Management, NorthWestern University Evanston, IL, USA will be visiting on May 15, 2013.

May, 2013: Aditi Gupta successfully defends her Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam (report).

May, 2013: Our complete report on Security and Privacy Symposium 2013 available now. Authors: Paridhi Jain, Prof. Sanjeev Aggarwal from IIT Kanpur, and PK.

May, 2013: Our work on Faking Sandy captured by an external blog entry by Kim Stephens and our work on Detecting Communities captured in a blog by Patrick Meier.

Apr, 2013: Our paper "The Paper Slip Should be There: Perceptions of Transaction Receipts in Branchless Banking" gets accepted at Mobile HCI 2013. Authors: Saurabh Panjwani, Mohona Ghosh, Soumya Singh, and PK.

Apr, 2013: PSOSM merges with 5 other workshops to form a new conference focused on Online Social Networks -- ACM Conference on Online Social Networks (COSN). PK on the Technical Advisory Committee. Please consider submitting your work at http://cosn.acm.org.

Apr, 2013: Prof. Maura Conway and Prof. Lisa McInerney from Dublin City University visiting us for 10 days.

Apr, 2013: Our work on Open source Collation of eGovernment data and Networks (OCEAN) was on Hindustan Delhi newspaper today, April 16, 2013 on page 2.

Apr, 2013: Simon Davies's new blog post India takes its first serious step toward privacy regulation – but it may be misguided" refers to our Privacy in India study. He says "A substantial opinion poll published earlier this year..."

Apr, 2013: Simon Davies refers to our privacy report in his interview in Rajya Sabha TV. Look at 16:17 - 25:39.

Apr, 2013: Srishti Gupta's blog entry: Exciting times! Indo-UK workshop on Cyber security.

Apr, 2013: Two graduate students from BITS Pilani, Hyderabad campus visiting us for a week. Thanks Agrima & Krishna.

Mar, 2013: Our video on "What Google Apps Administrators of your accounts at your Organization or University can do with your emails?" #PrivacyZapped.

Mar, 2013: PK co-organized a workshop on cybersecurity at IIIT-Delhi. The workshop got featured in many news articles. Indian Express, and Zee News.

Mar, 2013: Prateek wins best paper award at the National Conference on Advancements in Information, Computer and Communication.

Mar, 2013: PK will be Co-Organizing Indo-UK Workshop on Cybersecurity.

Mar, 2013: Our demo "uTrack: Track Yourself! Monitoring Information on Online Social Media" gets accepted at WWW 2013. Authors: Tiago Magalhães, Prateek Dewan, PK, Raquel Melo-Minardi, and Virgilio Almeida.

Mar, 2013: Our paper "Detection of Spam Tipping Behaviour on Foursquare" gets accepted at Mining Social Network Dynamics. Authors: Anupama Aggarwal, Jussara Almeida and PK.

Mar, 2013: Our paper "@I seek 'fb.me': Identifying Users across Multiple Online Social Networks" gets accepted at 2nd International workshop on Web of Linked Entities Authors: Paridhi Jain, PK, Anupam Joshi.

Mar, 2013: Our paper "Faking Sandy: Characterizing and Identifying Fake Images on Twitter during Hurricane Sandy" gets accepted at 2nd International workshop on Privacy and Security in Online Social Media Authors: Aditi Gupta, Hemank Lamba, PK and Anupam Joshi.

Mar, 2013: Paridhi Jain and Niharika Sachdeva win the Best Student Participation award at #spsymposium13.

Mar, 2013: Srishti Gupta and Mayank Gupta were the winners of the best poster award at #spsymposium13 for their work on OCEAN and Niharika Sachdeva won the second runners-up award for her work on U2P2.

Jan, 2013: PK speaks about Privacy in India on Doordarshan's TV show Good Evening India.

Jan, 2013: Poster acceptance notifications for Security and Privacy Symposium at IIT Kanpur sent to the authors.

Jan, 2013: Our complete Spring 2013 schedule for "Brainstorm - Precog's Reading boulevard" is now available.

Jan, 2013: Our work on Finding Nemo gets featured in an article on Atelier.

Jan, 2013: Our Internet Practices Study is now live! Please participate and help us spread. Win prizes!

Jan, 2013: OCEAN: Open source Collation of eGovernment data and Networks, goes live!

Jan, 2013: New technical report: "Finding Nemo: Searching and Resolving Identities of Users Across Online Social Networks". Authors: Paridhi and PK.

Dec, 2012: We will be co-organizing Security and Privacy Symposium at IIT Kanpur.

Dec, 2012: We will be co-organizing the Workshop on Privacy and Security in Online Social Media (PSOSM) for the second time at WWW 2013.

Dec, 2012: Our work on Credibility on Twitter gets mentioned in articles: "Building a Better Truth Machine" on Slate and "Tweets Need A Credibility Rating And This Lie Detector Algorithm Could Help" on TechCrunch.

Dec, 2012: Our Privacy in India: Attitudes and Awareness V 2.0 report gets covered in leading newspapers of India. TOI; EconomicTimes; BusinessStandard; DeccanHerald; DeccanChronicle; Asianet; FirstPost.

Dec, 2012: The Privacy Advisor, newsletter from IAPP covers our Privacy in India study "Professors Publish Largest To-Date Study on Privacy in India".

Nov, 2012: Anupama Aggarwal successfully defended her M.Tech. thesis today!

Nov, 2012: Shivangi blogs about our recent report on Privacy Perceptions in India.

Nov, 2012: Simon Davies (@PrivacySurgeon) blogs about our recent Privacy in India report.

Nov, 2012: Technical Report Released (largest study on privacy perceptions in India): "Privacy in India: Attitudes and Awareness V 2.0"

Nov, 2012: Wombat Security Technologies was a Finalist at the Pittsburgh Tech50 Awards!

Nov, 2012: Precogs got a chance to interact and describe some of our work to Mr. N. R. Narayana Murthy, Founder, Infosys Limited.

Oct, 2012: Our work on Privacy and Security in Online Social Media being showcased to the Chief Minister of Delhi! Some pics from the discussion and demo with the CM.

Oct, 2012: "PhishAri: Automatic Realtime Phishing Detection on Twitter" won the Best Paper Award at seventh IEEE APWG eCrime Researchers Summit (eCRS), 2012! Authors: Anupama, Ashwin, and PK. Explore PhishAri.

Oct, 2012: Twit-Digest poster won the 2nd Runner's Up prize (among 37 posters) at IBM I-CARE 2012. Authors: Aditi, Akshit, and PK.

Oct, 2012: A system on social media analytics won the first prize at Srategem Team: Tiago, Prateek, Virgilio, PK, and Wagner.

Oct, 2012: SMSAssassin won the second prize at APP KRAFT Team: Swetank, Kuldeep, and PK.

Oct, 2012: We are on IIIT-D's home page.

Oct, 2012: Wombat Security Technologies, Inc. (PK's Ph.D. thesis work contributed in creating this start-up) is the 'Gold Winner' at The Golden Globe Awards for IT Training and Education.

Oct, 2012: Anupama Aggarwal receives TCS Ph.D. research fellowship.

Sep, 2012: Two posters and a Tech2Share video accepted at IBM ICARE 2012! (1) Twit-Digest: A Web based Tool to Analyze and Visualize Twitter in Real-time. Authors: Aditi, Akshit, PK (2) Is Government a Friend or Foe? Privacy in Open Government Data. Authors: Srishti, Mayank, PK (3) ChaMAILeon: Simplified email sharing like never before. Authors: Prateek Dewan, Mayank Gupta, Sheethal Shreedhar, PK.

Sep, 2012: Our BrainstorM and Datasets go live! PK's blog entry on this.  

Sep, 2012: Ashwin gets travel and registration support to present our PhishAri paper at eCrime Research Summit 2012!

Sep, 2012: Our paper "'White Pride Worldwide': A Meta-Analysis of Stormfront.org," gets accepted at Internet, Politics, Policy 2012: Big Data, Big Challenges? Authors: Maura Conway, Prateek Dewan, Lisa Mcinerney, and PK.

Sep, 2012: Prateek's work with Maura Conway, Dublin City University mentioned in Newsletter from Centre for International Studies.

Sep, 2012: Our paper "PhishAri: Automatic Realtime Phishing Detection on Twitter" gets accepted at APWG eCrime Researchers Summit. Authors: Anupama, Ashwin, and PK. Explore PhishAri.

Sep, 2012: Ms. Betsy Broder, Counsel for International Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) & Ms. Maneesha Mithal, Associate Director, Division of Privacy and Identity protection, FTC visiting us.

Sep, 2012: Prof. Mausam, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington visiting us.

Sep, 2012: Hemank Lamba, Alumni 2012 joins IBM-IRL today.

Aug, 2012: Our paper "WYSWYE: Shoulder Surfing Defense for Recognition Based Graphical Passwords" gets accepted at OzCHI. Authors: Rohit Ashok Khot, Ponnurangam Kumaraguru and Kannan Srinathan.

Aug, 2012: Prof. Ravi Sandhu, University of Texas at San Antonio visiting us.

Aug, 2012: We receive NSF international supplement. Title: Online Privacy and Senior Citizens - A Socio-Technical Multi-Perspective Framework for Trustworthy Operation, #0916612. U.S. PIs: H. Raghav Rao, Shambhu Upadhyaya and Sharmistha Bagchi-Sen, SUNY Buffalo.

Aug, 2012: Wombat Security Technologies selected as finalists in the Golden Bridge Innovation award for IT Training and Education for the security training platform.

Aug, 2012: Our paper gets accepted at UMSocial 2012. Authors: Aditi Gupta, Prof. Anupam Joshi, and PK.

Jul, 2012: Siddhartha receives the student travel grant to attend Asia-Pacific Workshop on Systems. Thanks to APSYS!

Jul, 2012: The Saucer 2012, Newsletter of CUPS mentions Precog activities! Check out the alumni updates section for the same!

Jul, 2012: Some new blog entries by our members, Prateek: 'The Republic of Ireland', Prachi: 'Life @ISI..' and Vidushi: NUS School of Computing trip… Wonderful experience of my life :).

Jul, 2012: Our paper gets accepted at LBSN 2012. Authors: Tatiana Pontes, Marisa Vasconcelos, Jussara Almeida, Virgilio Almeida, PK.

Jun, 2012: Precog's work in collaboration with Dublin City University was covered on Ireland's national television RTE One on June 25, 2012.

Jun, 2012: Komal successfully defended her Masters thesis! First IIIT-Delhi graduate (Masters) student of the group!

Jun, 2012: PhishGuru 3.0 Wins PC Magazine's "Editor's Choice" for Anti-Phishing Products!!!

Jun, 2012: Ashwin Rajadesingan, our recent Alumni (BTP 2012) will be joining MS in Computer Science Program at Arizona State University.

Jun, 2012: Niharika receives complimentary registration and travel grant to attend SOUPS 2012! Thanks to SOUPS!

Jun, 2012: Our paper gets accepted at CSOSN 2012. Authors: Anshu Malhotra, Luam Catão, Prof. Wanger Meira, Prof. Virgilio Almeida, PK.

May, 2012: Tiago successfully defended his Masters thesis! First graduate (Masters) student of the group! Co-advised by Prof. Virgilio Almeida and PK.

May, 2012: Anupama Aggarwal joins us as a Ph.D. scholar.

May, 2012: Vidushi Chaudhary visits NUS for summer school 2012.

May, 2012: Prachi Jain goes to USC for summer internship.

May, 2012: Arun Jindal goes to Microsoft India for summer internship.

Apr, 2012: EDU Tech features an article about IPTSE Winter School 2011, conducted by us in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University.

Apr, 2012: Anupama wins Google India Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship 2012! Winners rate was 2.6%.

Apr, 2012: SMSAssassin will be presented as a Demo at MDM 2012. If you are attending MDM, please stop-by to take a look at the demo.

Apr, 2012: Our PSOSM 2012 worksop featured in MIT Technology Review.

Mar, 2012: Poster by students of the group 'Privacy in Open Government Data' wins best poster award in the research category at RS'12.

Mar, 2012: Four posters by students of our group will be showcased at RS'12. This is work done as part of the group.

Mar, 2012: Our blog goes live!

Mar, 2012: Niharika Sachdeva receives TCS Ph.D. research fellowship to work on usable security.

Mar, 2012: Aditi Gupta's paper titled Credibility Ranking of Tweets during High Impact Events gets accepted at PSOSM 2012.

Mar, 2012: Siddhartha Asthana's paper titled Tring! Tring! - An Exploration and Analysis of Interactive Voice Response Systems gets accepted at IndiaHCI 2012.

Mar, 2012: Accepted papers for PSOSM 2012 now online!

Mar, 2012: Rohit Khot, a recent graduate from IIIT-Hyderabad joins the group as a Research Associate.

Feb, 2012: SmartTalk: Alumni, Sidharth Chhabra, Ph.D. student at University of Michigan on Feb 28.

Feb, 2012: SmartTalk: Alumni Sunil Ghai giving a SmartTalk on Occupancy Detection in Commercial Buildings using Opportunistic Context Sources on Feb 17.

Feb, 2012: Prateek Dewan joins us as a Ph.D. scholar.

Feb, 2012: PhishAri is now available as a Chrome extension! Please download, use it, and spread it!

Feb, 2012: Our work on Privacy got covered by The Washington Post!

Jan, 2012: Two of our Ph.D. students (Aditi Gupta and Paridhi Jain) are now visiting Ebiquity, UMBC, USA.

Jan, 2012: Two Masters students (Luam Catão and Tiago Rodrigues) from UFMG, Brazil visiting us for the next 2 months.

Dec, 2011: Three great news to share: 1. Niharika Sachdeva joins us as a Ph.D. scholar; 2. Kuldeep Yadav receives NVIDIA academic grant; 3. Siddhartha Asthana receives TCS Ph.D. fellowship.

Nov, 2011: The website for WWW worksop PSOSM 2012 is LIVE now!

Nov, 2011: We will co-organize (with Prof. Virgilio Almeida, UFMG, Brazil) the workshop Privacy and Security in Online Social Media (PSOSM) at WWW, 2012. Stay tuned for details!

Nov, 2011: Kanika Narang gets a job offer.

Oct, 2011: Hemank Lamba gets a job offer.

Oct, 2011: Manasi Sachdeva gets a job offer.

Sept, 2011: We are co-organizing the 2011 Winter School Internship Program in Technology Supported Education in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University.

Sept, 2011: Komal Sachdeva gets a job offer.

Sept, 2011: Anshu Malhotra gets a job offer.

Sep, 2011: All three submitted posters to I-CARE 2011 got accepted. Congrats to Aditi, Kuldeep, Anshu, Niharika, and Rushil. Stay tuned for the posters!

Sept, 2011: Our paper Phi.sh/$oCiaL: The Phishing Landscape through Short URLs gets the Best Paper Award at CEAS 2011

Aug, 2011: Paridhi, Tiago, and Gabriel’s short paper Cross-pollination of Information in Online Social Media: A Case Study on Popular Social Networks gets accepted at Third International Conference on Social Computing

Aug, 2011: Denzil and Ashish’s paper Mining Tweets for Tag Recommendation on Social Media gets accepted at 3rd International Workshop on Search and Mining User-generated Contents (SMUC 2011)

Aug, 2011: Our survey on Privacy in India is online now! Please participate to help understand the status of privacy in India. Win exciting prizes such as digicam, iPods.  

Aug, 2011: Aditi's Technical Report on Twitter Explodes with Activity in Mumbai Blasts! A Lifeline or an Unmonitored Daemon in the Lurking? is online now. 

July, 2011: We are helping in organizing a one day workshop on Privacy and Security in Online Social Media. Thanks to CDAC-Hyderabad for organizing the workshop. 

July, 2011: Sid and Anupama’s paper Phi.sh/$oCiaL: The Phishing Landscape through Short URLs gets accepted at CEAS 2011. Joint work with Fabricio BenevenutoFederal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP), Brazil. 

May, 2011: Kuldeep receives the prestigious Microsoft Research India Ph.D. Fellowships. Kuldeep received the fellowship from Steve Ballmer, CEO Microsoft on May 26th.

May, 2011: Niharika’s paper gets accepted at SOUPS 2011. Joint work with Iulia IonSrdjan Capkun, ETH Zurich.

May, 2011: Mohona Ghosh, Aditi Gupta, Paridhi Jain, and Niharika Sachdeva will attend the 2011 Summer School of Security and Priv acy. Thanks to MSR India for supporting them! 

Feb, 2011: Our paper gets accepted at Information Integration on the Web (IIWeb), Co-located workshop at WWW 2011. Joint work with Archit Gupta from IIT DelhiKrishnamurthy Koduv ayur ViswanathanProf. Anupam Joshi, and Prof. Timothy Finin from UMBC

Feb, 2011: Our SMSAssassin research featured in New Scientist.

Feb, 2011: Our Online Storage Study is live now. Please participate and help us spread the word about this study.

Feb, 2011: Three students (Tiago Rodrigues, Gabriel Magno, and Joao Persce) from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil are visiting us for three weeks.

Feb, 2011: We restarted our SMS spam data collection; please forward us your SMS spams. Help us spread the word about the data collection.

Jan, 2011: Our paper gets accepted at CHI 2011. Joint work with Rohit Khot and Prof. Kannan Srinathan, IIIT Hyderabad.

Jan, 2011: We are co-organizing Privacy and Security in Social Media: An International Perspective (PSSM).

Dec, 2010: Two papers got accepted in HotMobile 2011, one by Kuldeep, IIIT-D, and the other by Shruthi, GeogiaTech.

Nov, 2010: A Ph.D. student from ETH ZurichLulia Lon,  visited us on from Nov 29 - Dec 3.

Aug, 2010: Master’s student, Gustavo Rauber, from, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG), Brazil visited us from Aug 4 - Sept 7.

Aug, 2010: Our Privacy Study goes live, please participate to win attractive prizes.

Aug, 2010: First research paper gets accepted at Sixth Asia Information Retrieval Societies Conference, 2010, Taiwan.

July, 2010: Fifteen Under Graduate students finish their Summer Internship with Precog. Summer Interns 2010.

July, 2010: Denzil Correa, one of the Ph.D. students in Precog interns at IBM IRL.

July, 2010: Two smart, talented, and enthusiastic students join the Precog group for their Ph.D. in Computer Science at IIIT-Delhi - Aditi Gupta, Paridhi Jain.

June, 2010: Precog receives research grant from International Development Research Centre, Canada to work on Privacy perceptions in India. Precog will closely work with Privacy International on this research. PI: Ponnurangam Kumaraguru.