About Me

I would describe myself as a dynamic person, good listener and a dedicated worker.I have an assorted range of interests. My academic and research interests lie in Data Science for Social Good, Machine Learning, Recommender Systems, Online Social Networks, Linear Algebra, Calculus and Discrete Mathematics. Other interests include playing lawn tennis, watching and playing football(Arsenal fan) and trying out different food cuisines.

Contact Details

Vedant Nanda
Place: New Delhi, India
Ph: (+91)8527215158
Email: vedant15114@iiitd.ac.in
Skype: v4e3@live.com


IIIT, Delhi

Bachelor in Technology, Computer Science 2015-2019(Tentative)

I joined IIIT-Delhi in August 2015 through the Joint Entrance Examination held across India with an All India Rank of 804. In my 2 years at IIIT, I have increased my knowledge horizon and have had the opportunity to work on cool projects with amazing people.

CGPA till now : 9.59/10

Amity International School

High School 2013-2015

Cleared high school with 97% aggregate in class 12 CBSE board examinations. Scored 100/100 in Physics board exam, the only one to do so in the entire school.

Amity International School

Primary and Senior Secondary School 2001-2013

Cleared class 10 with a CGPA of 10/10 in CBSE board.


An emperical audit of Facebook's FreeBasics program

Aug 2016 - May 2017

Worked with PreCog@IIITD under Prof. PK in collaboration with Max Planck Institute for Software Systems on the analysis of services provided through FreeBasics(free service launched by Facebook in developing countries around the world). This work got accepted as a poster at SIGMETRICS’17 and as full paper in ICTD’17. Link to full paper. Link to poster.

Local TOR network

Winter 2017

Emulated a Tor network using local machines by setting up an authority server, a client and 2 relays. Used the encryption protocols provided by Tor to send data.

DBLP search engine

Monsoon 2016

Made a GUI based search engine to query the DBLP dataset. Written from scratch in Java.(source)

Database setup for high availability and load balancing

Monsoon 2016

Setup a database cluster and configured it for load balancing and high availability. Connected it to a GUI based web appilcation for testing.

Intern at Aashansh Foundation

Summer 2016

Interned at Aashansh Foundation during summer 2016 and built for them an online job portal from scratch written in Django.(Deployed here for testing)

2D game in python


Made a simple shooting 2-D game using pygame, a python gaming library(source)

Social Networking Website "BRO"


Made a social networking website self-written from scratch in Django for the college course Systems Management(source)

Telepresence Robot

Winter 2016

Made a telepresence robot using Raspberry Pi and python scripts(for movement and video call automation) for the college course Introduction to Engineering Design.More here.

KVPY Scholar


Cleared KVPY, a national level scholarship exam for high school students. It is a two step process which requires clearing a test followed by an interview.


  • C/C++
  • Django
  • Python
  • Android
  • Java
  • HTML,CSS, JavaScript
  • Bootstrap and JQuery
  • AngularJS