Continuing our efforts in helping policing in the country with usage of online social media, we have built this portal. The Portal helps analyse the presence of different police Facebook pages and Twitter handles, it also helps in comparing these accounts. This first version presents four different analyses described below. Currently, the portal has data for the last 5 years of these pages & accounts.

a) Total posts / Likes / Comments: This shows the engagement of the police department on social media on a given time frame. This presents the total number of posts, total number Likes, and total number of Comments on the respective Facebook pages. This also presents the total number of Retweets, Tweets, and Favorites of the Twitter handle.

b) Accountability Tree: We capture this through different words such as "how can", "why" and "issues". These words populated in the list "Change Keyword". For example, you can view the tree with "why" as the keyword to understand the questions posed in the status updates / posts with "why", one can modify the keyword to "need" to understand the needs of citizens mentioned in the posts. We believe, this can be very useful for police organizations to understand the actionable information from the posts. See More -->