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About ChaMAILeon

ChaMAILeon is an experimental service developed at PreCog @ IIIT-Delhi, which provides users with a unique capability to define access control on their emails. This service enables users to share their email account passwords with anyone they wish to, without having to worry about any security and privacy issues.
Currently, ChaMAILeon supports ONLY Google accounts. You can access your Gmail account through ChaMAILeon instead of going to the Gmail website. By logging into ChaMAILeon, you get the ability to enable access to your account with more than one password. Each new password you create can be configured to allow restricted access at different levels to your account.

How to use

1. Log into your Google Mail account through ChaMAILeon.
2. Go to the "Configure Account" option on the top right corner of the Inbox page.
3. Create lists and add email IDs to these lists. (More help is provided at the "Configure Account" page).
4. Create another password for your account by creating a sub user.
5. Assign your desired permissions to this sub user and click Save.
One (whoever you want to share the password with) can now access your Google Mail account through ChaMAILeon with this new password and get only restricted access! Create as many passwords for your account as you want; assign different permissions and SHARE YOUR Google Mail passwords LIKE NEVER BEFORE!!!

ChaMAILeon goes wild!!!