OSMpalooza: An Online Social Media Hackathon

  • Problem Announcement + Registration (To be present at IIIT Delhi) - 17:00 - 19:00 IST, 3 March
  • Solving the Hack (Offline) - 3 March to 12 March
  • Pitch Day (To be present at IIIT Delhi) - 10:00 - 22:00 IST, 13 March (Last two hours for final pitch)
  • Any student who is interested in OSM
  • Any student who can physically come on both What to hack day and pitch day
  • Any student who has time between March 3 & March 13 to work on some interesting problems
  • Group of 2 - 5 students
  • Just to work on some interesting problems!
  • Teams / Members that do well among all the participants / Winners will get Cash prize and letter of appreciation from Precog
  • Winners will also get an opportunity to interview with Precog for working on some exciting projects. Interviews will happen during the week of March 14th. PK will write LORs for participants who end up working with him for full / part time after the Hackathon (3 months to a year or so).
  • You need to be present at IIIT Delhi on 3 March at 1700 IST to register for the hack. We will also announce the problem statement there. You can then continue to work on your solution till 12 March, for which you do not need to be at IIIT Delhi. However, we have Pitch Day on 13 March at 10:00 IST where all the team members should be present. You will get a chance to discuss your problem with the mentors who will help you fine-tune your solution. The last two hours will be for presenting the hack. Please note that it is mandatory attend registration, as well as Pitch Day. We might give you data sets to evaluate your solution during Pitch Day which will count towards the final score; therefore please be present at 10:00am on 13 March.
Problem Statement Involves
  • Social Network APIs
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text Mining
To register For any queries / clarifications
  • Write to yatharths[at]iiitd[dot]ac[dot]in
Facebook event Mentors
  • Anupama Aggrawal
  • Megha Arora
  • Shrey Bagroy
  • Prateek Dewan
  • Karan Grover
  • Srishti Gupta
  • Niharika Sachdeva
  • Kushagra Singh
  • Yatharth Sharma