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Technical Reports
  • B. Jolly, P. Aggrawal, A. Gulati, A. Sethi, P. Kumaraguru, T. Sethi. Psychometric Analysis and Coupling of Emotions Between State Bulletins and Twitter in India during COVID-19 Infodemic. | Paper
  • R. Awasthi, R. Pal, P. Singh, A. Nagori, S. Reddy, A. Gulati, P. Kumaraguru, T. Sethi. CovidNLP: A Web Application for Distilling Systemic Implications of COVID-19 Pandemic with Natural Language Processing. | Paper
  • R. Pandey, V. Gautam, C. Jain, P. Syal, H. Sharma, K. Bhagat, R. Pal, L. Dhingra, Arushi, L. Patel, M. Agarwal, S. Agrawal, M. Arora, B. Rana, P. Kumaraguru, T. Sethi. A Machine Learning Application for Raising WASH Awareness in the Times of COVID-19 Pandemic. | Paper
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