Internship Program in Technology Supported Education (IPTSE)

Winter School 2011

Partnership between the Indraprastha Institute for Information Technology in Delhi and Carnegie Mellon University

With sponsorship from Microsoft Research India and the Pittsburgh Science of Learning Center

Instructors: Carolyn P. Rose, Bhiksha Raj, Rita Singh, and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru

For any queries regarding IPTSE Winter School, please contact our automated helpline - 011-25099209 or +919013182123

Results for the winter school have been declared. Overall acceptance rate for IPTSE Winter School 2011 was 17.4%. We received an overwhelming number of applications from premier institues all over India.


This internship program in technology-supported education will draw on broad areas such as mobile learning, educational games, technology-assisted language learning, computer-assisted collaborative learning, intelligent tutors, machine learning, educational data mining, human-computer interaction, as well as speech and language technologies. The goal is to create an international bridge between institutions of higher learning in India and Carnegie Mellon University, which is at the forefront of research both in technology and in the learning sciences in the U.S., and even worldwide.

This internship program will provide valuable research training opportunities for Indian undergraduates through a partnership between one of India's premier technical universities and one of the top ranking schools of computer science in the world, with the goal of expanding the pool of talented young researchers in India. A secondary goal is to provide a mechanism through which ongoing research partnerships can form and flourish between researchers at institutes for higher learning in India and researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, such as taking the form of co-advised B.Tech. projects. And finally, the internship program directly benefits the infrastructure for education in India as a byproduct of the research projects the students will engage in. As part of the internship program, participants will focus on topics relevant to education in India, and in the developing world more generally.